eBay - unable to revise listings?

I keep getting this error when trying to submit the revisions. Anyone else having problems?

It looks like there's a problem with this listing.
System temporarily unavailable, please try listing again.


  • I've had this in the past. Worked OK yesterday pm.
  • Don't know about that but am unable to relist some ended listings. Just get an error message: System temporarily unavailable, please try listing again, s
    ame as yours.
  • I've just had that but when I came out of trying to update the listings prices I noticed that they were all updated with the revised price. I think it's just showing the wrong message. Try checking the revisions you were trying to make and you may find that they have 'taken' despite the error message.
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    I relisted one this morning, got the error message so tried twice more - ended up with it being relisted 3 times with 2 of them not showing as 'duplicates', so then had to delete 2. Aargh!

    Also the 'selling' section has now disappeared from my summary page and I now have to click yet another box to see my listings. What a mess.
  • Same here, despite the message the listings are being revised.

    eBay boards have reports of problems with duplicate listings being created, and problems when revising quantities.
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    When this sort of thing happens on Amazon we nod wisely and say, 'Tinkering again. Big change coming up.' I wonder if the same applies here?'
  • bloomin' 'ope not
  • Yes it was. They appear to have installed a bot looking for key words suggesting the seller is open to extra-mural offers.

    Not wanting to have to reply to these, I had this in my terms:


    I regret, I am not open to offers on this book, and will not reply to them. Thank you.'

    A thing came up and shook its finger at me so I had to change it to:

    'Note that the price of this book is non-negotiable.'

    Alas, the sort of cretin who just offered me £30 for a £90 book available nowhere else on the internet will probably not be able to understand it.
  • I had one yesterday, I'm tempted to reply "Why don't you buy one of the cheaper copies?".
  • Oh go on Jim, what fun!
  • If he does that he could be banned for a week. No-one gets a reply from me anymore unless they obey my clear instructions to use my email address. They won't, of course.
  • "unless they obey my clear instructions to use my email address"

    Isn't that exactly the sort of thing they're banning folk for?
  • I don't see why. eBay put it there, not me, 3" below my terms and conditions.
  • That sort of scenario was specifically mentioned in Tamebay comments.
    The whole idea is flawed, but eBay seems to be pushing on with it regardless.
  • Hmm. Well I could remove that suggestion, for safety, and simply ignore enquirers. I'll reflect on it.
  • I don't reply to questions any more - what I have been doing is editing the listing so the answer to the question is in there (or not - if it is a particularly stupid question)
  • The trouble with that is, you can't edit the listing to say you don't accept or respond to silly offers or the bot will get you. The place for that would be in terms and conditions but I doubt if one buyer in ten reads them.
  • You have a good point - I actually did say - no silly offers - in my last listing but seem to have got away with it. As it happens the item sold on the first bid which was way less than I had really wanted tbh but it has gone now so I am pleased about that.
    I could really do with more sales on ebay as I am stuck on maybe half a dozen all this year. And I really need to get rid of that stock so it is all at knock down prices.
    I would be grateful if more successful ebay sellers didn't now tell me how much more successful than me they are - as if they do I might cry at the effort that goes into my listings (although I suspect that we may have completely different business plans and targets).
  • This is about the nearest thread to the subject, I suppose. I listed a book this morning and when I tried just now to look at it in 'Manage your listings' (to see how many hits) I got this:

    "This page may have moved or is no longer available. Please try one of the following:
    Check the Web address you entered to make sure if it's correct.
    Try to access the page directly from the eBay Home page instead of using a bookmark. If the page has moved, reset your bookmark.
    Enter keywords in the Search box and click the Search button. Or, browse through the many categories available at eBay.
    If you are searching for a Help page, click the Back button on your web browser and select another Help page link or try entering different keyword combinations to find appropriate help topics.
    Report this technical issue or view known technical issues."

    If you put the book into search, there it is, so it hasn't been pulled and is still for sale. Anyone else ever get this?
  • I occasionally get that but it seems to sort itself out by the next time I look.
    It was happening more often than usual last week.
  • That's a comfort. Thanks.
  • I'm now getting that error on the preview for a new listing I'm trying to create.
  • There's another problem appeared.
    When using Sell similar, then using it again, it goes back to the first listing details, not the one you just listed.

    I also had lots of other glitches when trying to list last night - preview window not loading, price edit not taking, category selection taking minutes to complete etc.
  • Keeps not accepting photos too. Just the odd one.
  • I've had the Sell Similar glitch too. Thought I was going peculiar (more peculiar) the first time. Then I had to check to see if the last listing had uploaded properly or if it was a replica of the previous one. So far the listings themselves have been fine, but it's a bit disorientating going back to the last but one item.
  • Did you know that when someone asks a question about an item in the box at the bottom of the listing, there is no longer the option not to tell the whole bleedin' world?

    In future I shall just ignore fatuous questions or, perhaps, write: 'I refer the honourable member to the item description.'
  • I'm not having those problems.
  • Not as per title, but another ebay problem.
    Have been trying all day to add photos to a couple of draft listings - just keeps going round and round and round.
    Have tried starting from scratch, but still no joy.
    Anyone else having problems uploading photos ?
    TOTALLY fed up with the whole selling thing at the moment.
  • Got one to do tomorrow, will report.
  • I had this problem a couple of days ago, Jilly, but I've been uploading photos OK today - must be your turn on the faulty device!
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