Feedback manipulation

Not sure why I sometimes waste my time looking at these guys but perhaps it is because they managed to get rid of the 2/5 I left them some weeks back, along with several other disgruntled buyers' feedback.

and then hey presto, all gone


Just one for this weekend




  • So Amazon haven't stopped the manipulation.

    The address is a house, so it looks like a dropshipper who can't always supply at a

  • I know I should be beyond being bothered by it, but it still annoys me that they manage to regularly sanitize their feedback back to 100% each time. Grrrr
  • A related question...

    On the boards someone is asking about feedback - Pashmina hyena says you can look at a buyer's feedback, or the feedback they leave for others - not sure how she manages that! Someone else says that's rubbish, but you can see their product reviews. How does one manage to do that, does anyone know?
  • Which thread is it, Pennie?
  • There is a comment by Josh at the bottom of this post which talks about a seller who also seems to be able to manipulate his feedback.
  • Yes, I've just been reading this thread - unbelievable.

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    If anyone wants to know, here are the links to the Amazon profiles of the sellers mostly under discussion in that thread:

    JB World

    Book Seashore

    I've had one suspicious neg in the last year and I can't get Amazon to remove it, they get dozens of legit negs removed every week.

    Something is rotten in the state Amazonland...

    {I've edited out some details as I've just realised this is in the public part of the forum}

  • Just to add, if you check back tomorrow morning the negs there now will almost certainly have gone.

  • VERY rotten.
    .....and the fact that apparently this has been happening with JBWorld for months (according to someone who has been monitoring AND reporting them) and still they are allowed to sell - inside job ?????

  • It's hard to avoid that conclusion. I said years ago it's hard to find another explanation.

  • @george said:
    Just to add, if you check back tomorrow morning the negs there now will almost certainly have gone.

    They have gone today - stunned

  • Nothing surprises me anymore.
    There is a thread about a seller 'Lopez' - what he does and has done for a long time, despite multiple complaints over years, and still doing is unbelievable, and he is getting away with it.
    Amazon are complicit in all this.

  • Amazon are complicit in all this

    I suspect it's more of a question of there being no system of internal investigation at Amazon. It's nobody's job so nobody does it. Probably applies to lots of things there. A fraudster's paradise.

  • I was conned by Lopez (among others). I have another dodgy dropshipper order today - thread on reveals he is a regular scammer too. Terrific

  • I'm beginning to think everyone working at Amazon is a robot.

    How else do these phantom dropshippers and serial scammers get away with it?

    A pair of human eyes can instantly see when a feedback profile is being massaged and/or the catalogue is being manipulated. Amazon seems to be blind to all of this.
    I suspect Barry is right. The organisation is now so big that no one person is in direct control and therefore no one cares.
    It doesn't bode well for the future of the comapny.

    Now that Amazon has reinvented itself as a financial provider and is therefore regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, a few relevant complaints to the FCA might spur them on to cleaning up their own house.

  • Thing is - if one of us sent the feedbacks you showed us to Amazon, and asked for them to be removed it would be a definite no - so how can this even happen.

  • Have you read the thread, Shaz ? - it is unbelievable.
    They are not being removed singly, but it seems en masse at a certain time each day. :#

  • JB World's shop on Amazon is currently offline - maybe Amazon have actually taken some action.

    Book Seashore are still up and running, even though they also get all their negs removed on a regular basis (at least ten in the last week that I've seen).

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    Another thing I don't understand - I thought negative feedbacks are meant to put your account at risk if they go over one (?) percent.

    Here's a seller I just came across with 17% neg for 12 months, and 50% for 90 days but they are still allowed to come?:

    Their low feedback figures make them appear to be a tiddler of a seller yet they have over 100,000 listings!

  • They are probably drop shippers.

    I have mentioned before that I firmly believe (joking apart) that Amazon is actually run by bots which would explain why no one picks up one these incidents for months or years. The rot set in when they outsourced to India or wherever and I think they now just use bots.

  • I think Bezos is on record saying that he hopes to replace even senior management with bots in the coming months and years!

    He's turning into a real-life Dr Evil. :open_mouth:

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    Control freak more like, he won't then be answerable to anyone and he is pretty much untouchable as it is.

  • It certainly feels that way. But if so, who on the inside is facilitating this fraud? A programmer, I suppose. They must still have those to dream up more and more pointless 'improvements'.

  • A lot of the improvements are good. When I first started I had to make my own packing slips as Amazon didn't produce them. And I emailed customers individually to let them know when the order was shipped. All done automatically now. And postage was all bought from the Post Office. I just wish Amz would upgrade postage to include internationals.

  • When I first started I had to make my own packing slips as Amazon didn't produce them

    Crikey, that must have been when Fred Flintstone were a lad. What year was that?

  • I don't remember there being this 'robotic' culture when I started in 2005. On one occasion I had some problem, rang up, and an English-speaking guy talked me through it. Imagine that?
    And one improvement I can do without is a never ending wishlist instead of sensibly spread over several pages. If you stop and check an entry and then go back you are sent, not to the same place but to the bottom of the page and have to go right through the lot again to arrive back where you were. Drives me potty.

  • Most websites drive me potty. The only good ones that spring to mind are NS&I, DVLA and HMRC which are all simple to navigate and take you back to the very point you last looked at.
    Retail websites must be missing out on sales big time because folk get fed up with their lousy navigation. I certainly do.

  • To help alleviate the wishlist thing I have several of the things sorted into different categories.
    The thing that bugs me most is all the clicks needed to log onto your seller account from the buyer side.
    It is noteworthy that only one single click gets you back to the buyer screen from seller central.

  • Just this morning I was looking at a link someone emailed me (about NCAP crash tests), the site was almost unusable.
    A popup ad for another page kept covering the arrow for going to the next picture.
    I could only see the images by looking at them in reverse order using the back arrow.

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