Interesting development in dropshipping - eBay Australia bans Amazon FBA


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    Ha, did you see the comment from the poster defending dropshipping?:
    2 JELIOUSE idiot live a comment Arbitrage is legal.The costumer dont care from where they will get,the iteam.I am selling on Amazon and eBay.And when i have a sell on ebay i use Amazon service becouse is free and fast.Have a look the rating of DS on ebay.This is kind of service.If eBay want to stop it ok.Do it DS made eBay rich of stock.How mych profit do you think an DS make not much.Ebay is making money with hight Tax.At last is not DS fault that the people are leazy to serch on internet DS save your time.Arbitrage start since 2005-2007 now is 2018 the costumer of Ebay and Amazon Grow up gess why.
    I guess that's what a typical 'no invoice' merchant sounds like. :astonished:
  • Good Lord, I can only assume that English isn't their first language.

    Now if only Ebay UK do the same ........
  • More on dropshipping.

    eBay war on arbitrage sellers ramps up in 2019.

  • This isn’t a new step by eBay, they have already routinely been waging war on arbitrage sellers and dumping their listings to the bottom of search. Their latest announcement simply notifies sellers of the consequences already taking place. We believe that eBay are already monitoring users of the known arbitrage automation software solutions and if they see a seller using such a tool are likely to automatically demote their listings in search.

    It's a pity Amazon isn't doing the same. If they are, it doesn't seem to be working very well.
    I guess allowing us to request merges is the nearest Amazon gets to tackling 'arbitrageurs'.

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    I wonder if the merging campaign is having an effect on the Amazon dropshippers or should I now say Arbitragers. I have had a lot less sales to them than last year. I'd guestimate I was getting one to two a day going back a year or so. This now seems to be only one or two per week. And this is in the context of my over all sales over the last three months being up about 25%

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    It would be nice to think the merges are having some effect but I wonder... the rogues are still very much in evidence, polluting the catalogue.

    I've been slowly going through some of my old CD stock on Amazon. Much of it is currently invisible to Amazon search.

    I relisted a couple of titles last week under bogus overpriced duplicates - they were the only ones that showed up in title/artist search.
    Both sold within a couple of days for higher prices than they had been listed at for 6+ years under the correct EAN.

    It's not something I'm going to make a habit of, but it shows that this double listing does work, sadly. :s

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