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Have they been tinkering again, I have had issues with logging on today and now I keep getting

I then have to click on to 'sign into your seller account', it looks like they want me to switch back to being a Pro seller again but until they increase the number of sales I have no intention of switching back.


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    I am a pro seller and I am having the same issue - I gave up on it yesterday as I was being sent in circles - this afternoon it took an hour or so to clear - so I think it is just another glitch
  • I keep having problems with the links so I'm currently logging-on via

    I started a thread about it over there:
  • I kept getting the 'services' when trying to log on to my seller account on the iPad this morning. And when I tried logging onto on the desktop, the e-mail address had changed to the one we use for etc.
    Every day, some little annoyance or malfunction.
  • Maybe wider probs today. I left reviews for a couple of personal purchases but when attempting to see how they looked I just got a blank page. All the usual Amazon stuff at top, then empty.
  • Oh well at least it's not just me then.

    I have had no sales since Wednesday I think so I guess they are tinkering yet again, ho hum.
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    Humph! I've had no sales since the 12th, and I don't even sell on Amazon. I've made £200 in 17 days. I haven't had it this bad since I started trading in 2005. Why? I'll tell you why: Brexit is why. They might risk a cheap book, they are not going to risk mine.

    I haven't even sold a death for six days, the longest gap I've had for two years. The world has stopped but my bills haven't.
  • I imagine that people are feeling very insecure about a number of things, Barry. The world is a scary place just now. I've uninstalled the BBC News app on my phone as it was just depressing me. I'm only going to look at nice things and think happy thoughts.
  • Well I've just sold a Death on a Dark Sea, so that's another 30p earned.
  • It's Fitbit, not Brexit.
  • People spending their money on getting fit instead of reading.
  • They're wasting it then. As a nation we are fatter and more indolent with every passing year --- official. They might as well read my books and improve their rotting minds.
  • I have just had an order with 'Business Buyer' next to the name (it's a school).
    Does this mean that we have to wait 30 days before they pay - I seem to recall there was a thread about this, but can't seem to find it. - basically offering them credit ?
  • I think the maximum is 45 days (?).
    You have to wait as long as it takes them to pay.
    I had one recently and made a note of it. I think it was paid after about 3 weeks.
  • So, you def. don't get paid when you mark as despatched ?
  • Correct.
  • Hello Jilly. What happened about your book with the mixed up pages?
    I think I said at the time that a buyer is entitled to a refund if the the goods were faulty, irrespective of the length of time the return request was made. On googling for some other info I saw that the customer does have to prove it was faulty at the time of purchase if it is after six months. I realise this doesn't apply in your case, it would be be extremely hard to rearrange pages =) .
  • Funny you ask that, I was just following it up myself as realised I still haven't had it returned.

    They did send photos, BUT when I checked the photos against another used copy of the same book that I have, it wasn't the same book !! - same series, but not the same book - different layout and content not applicable to the book that I sold.
    Guess they realised I had found them out !
  • That's a turn up. Lucky that you had a book to check it against although you would have found out IF they returned it. It is good that you won't have to refund.
  • I see Amazon are advertising for marketplace sellers. Looking for a CD I was faced with a big ad' and smiling woman. "Yes, you can sell on Amazon too. Discover how." Must be desperate.
  • Well I have a feeling that people are leaving quietly and with no fuss but just closing their account.

    I have seen a few 'leavers' on the Amazon boards but that is probably the tip of the iceberg. Plus people are downgrading.
  • I'd welcome some new faces, especially if they don't know to charge!
  • That’s exactly what I did Rashida and I’m quite sure you’re right, I’m certainly not the only one.
  • Nick's shop has been closed
  • Do you mean he's packed up selling altogether?
  • Yes, he turned 65 and that was it :)
  • Gradually shaking the dust of Amazon from my shoes and moving to ebay. I no longer buy off Amazon either (sorry Shorn). Had a good weekend on the bay despite me being in Brighton and the weather being excellent. It's a shame because Amazon has done well for me in the past, but I simply do not trust it as a selling platform
    I'm sure Jeff will be gutted, but hey, that's business.
  • Yep, I left quietly 3 years ago. Having gone through an horrendously difficult verification process, I was faced with going through it all over again a few weeks later when we moved, so I just gave up. Was glad to, tbh.
  • "We have built a brand new Manage Orders experience! While we are transitioning into the new experience, feel free to opt-in and give it a try. Do not worry, you can always opt out."

    Pass the sick-bag Alice
  • Oh goodness, haven't seen that yet.
    A prime example of keeping bods in jobs - I don't need a 'new experience' - I need orders.....and what's the point of designing something new for us to be able to opt out if we so choose.
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