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Does it matter if I do not reply to an Ebay message? Is there a 'no response required' button that I am missing?


  • Not that I'm aware of (or I'd be in trouble)
  • Yes there is!

    Think it's on the MANAGE ACTIVE LISTINGS page. Click the dropdown list "MARK AS ANSWERED".

    Can't check thoroughly as I'm in a rush, but it's deffo there somewhere.
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    Well I never have, and nothing bad has happened. Haven't even seen it. eBay is not quite like the evil empire, yet, penalising you for everything it can think of.
  • I've not replied to comments on eBay Debbie, and it doesn't seem to matter. I had one particular repeat 'questioner' and I eventually couldn't be bothered to reply. The question just sits there on the listing until it ends and then it's gone when you relist. Nothing bad happened!
  • After about 6 months the questions aren't visible but they're still marked as requiring answers.
    I wonder if the asker gets a notification when it's marked as answered.
  • Thank you Angela. I found it.
    I had answered the customer's first message. I didn't want or need to respond to the second message.
  • Jolly good :3
  • Thanks Angela, I've just found it too! I had no idea it was possible now.
  • Well you learn something new everyday. I often have messages unanswered - generally the result of someone asking a question and then asking another one on the back of the first so I then answer the second email but ignore the first.
  • Well I'm still going to ignore them if I want to, so there!
  • Go for it Barry, I probably will as well !
  • Yes, I've got 'unanswered' ones from months ago - actually not unanswered questions, just a comment in response to my reply.
  • Me to but it's nice to know there are options.
  • The people who design these systems never seem to understand how interaction works.
    I get lots of 'sorry it's not what I'm looking for but thanks for taking the time to check' messages.
    Are sellers always supposed to have the last word?
  • All the more reason for ignoring them. Eventually they'll maybe get the message.
  • When I don't win an auction, those 'Because you were interested in this item, we've found a few similar picks for you." are really annoying.

    Why would I be interested in a different sized pair of boots?
    Maybe they could also include a link to 8 pairs of thick socks so I could pad out my feet to the size 12s they're suggesting.
  • When I worked in shops, that was one of the things you should do if the product the buyer wants is not stocked or available. I agree with you Jim.
  • Strange one - had a query on ebay for a scarce video I have for sale - can find no others on net - but price only £19.99.
    Person asking:
    'can you tell me if this item is recorded delivery and does it
    come with a tracking number or is it sent by normal delivery '

    My response was that I would gladly send recorded if that is what they would like to ensure delivery.

    This was about 3 weeks ago, and they have not ordered it - do I detect a possible claim of INR was being 'tested', or am I just cynical ?

  • I often get queries with no follow up. I'd just make a note in case they do eventually buy it.
    Possibly someone who has been ripped off by the megasellers in the past.

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    Wot Jim says - I often get requests for quite detailed info about products too - especially the rare stuff - but no sale follows.
    Annoying but not suspicious. (IMHO)
    I think you are just being cynical.
    (and I don't think it is strange for people to ask questions before buying either - £20 is a lot for some people).

  • I get this a lot too. Although I have to say that it's almost invariably a sign that they won't buy. I used to get this with decorating, just the same: the more questions and requests for references the less chance they'd order. The only place I don't get it, unfortunately, is with the Deaths, where some folk (not many fortunately) seem prepared to spend good money for the pleasure of leaving one or two star reviews -- for the whole bally series! Why?? If they don't like them, why suffer?

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