How do you list on Ebay?

I can't make up my mind which is the best way to list on Ebay.
How do others list? Do you list from scratch with your details completely?
Do you find a listing for a similar item and click on 'sell it yourself'?
Or do you use the pre-filled catalogue info?


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    If there is a sell it yourself, I sometimes use that but beware of the other seller's own entries, which might not apply to yours. You might want to change the title line at least, or the condition. Beware also the catalogue, which is often, even usually, wrong in some detail or other. Also, when you put the ISBN number in it frequently puts the book in completely the wrong category, even if you've chosen the right one. When that happens I either click 'does not apply' instead (it means starting from scratch, unfortunately) and put the ISBN as part of the title (possibly a bit risky) or accept their category, if it's not completely daft, and add another (which costs more of course). I don't think they'll ever get it completely right but at least no-one can come along and change it to something else entirely, as per Amazon.
  • You have listed all that I am finding awkward thus making it difficult to decide on any one way to list.
    I know I can take each item and list it according to which way is best but it seems messy.
  • But thanks Barry for replying and making me realise it isn't just me.
  • I use Sell Imilar, but then I’m listing endless postcards and very little else. Probably not much use to you Debbie.
  • I use the barcode if there is one, otherwise I use SELL SIMILAR, change category (which is usually correct once the title has been amended, and adjust price/description as necessary.
  • I usually list from scratch if I can be bothered to list on ebay at all ;)
  • Thanks for all your answers. I think I will be carry on as usual, using whichever method suits the product best.
  • I always use sell similar on one of my own listings.

    I often look for one to reprice first, so I can check it's all OK, then reprice, then use sell similar on it.
  • Yes, that makes sense Jim. I will try that method as well.
  • Just make sure you don't mix up your revising & creating like I often do.
  • I’ve done that on occasion too!
  • Years ago I put the wrong photo with a product. Another Ebayer let me know.
  • I've frequently had to tell sellers about that. The level of thanks varies from nil to effusive.
  • Bit of help please.
    I am revising prices on my ebay listings - is there a quick way of doing it like on Amazon, where you just alter the price on the active listings, without going into each separate item page ? - takes so long that way.
  • Yes. Go to you list of listings and click on edit (top left) and so on.
  • Yes, but that still takes me to each individual page, and then have to click back to listings page.
    I was hoping you could just actually alter the figures on the page of active listings and click an edit button and they would be changed at the same time, like you can on Amazon from your inventory page.
  • Yes you can, or could, I've seen the page and I thought that would lead to it. Sorry. I've always been to stupid to use it and just do 'em one by one. It's all changed recently, of course, mostly for the better but some things not.
  • Hmm, can't see a way to do it - will keep clicking and see if I can find a quicker way.
  • Ok, found it !
    You have to click on each one that you want to edit, then click the edit button at the top, and it filters them out, you can then alter the prices and click submit.
    Still a bit more clunky than Amazon, but definitely quicker than doing each one individually.
  • Oh, I’m too late as usual but glad you’ve found it Jilly.
  • Well done, Jill. I'm happy for it to remain a mystery!
  • I thought I knew how, but then realised that I didn't.
  • Well, I thought so too, but have been out all day and just checking now and the prices haven't changed, so not sure what went wrong !
  • Jilly, you check the box of the ones you want to alter, then click on Edit at the top of the page. Click Edit Selected, this will then open a page with your listings that need adjusting, and then you alter the price. Once you've done that, click Submit.

    N.B. You can only do one page at a time because as soon as you go onto the next page, it wipes out the previous checked boxes. Hope you can understand that.
  • I've been trying to get my listings down below my 1500 shop monthly allowance.

    It's quite difficult to work out, as it seems to be 1500 per calendar month, so with listing, ending & selling some during a month, I end up with below 1500 listings but still have some additional listing fees at the end of the month.

  • I get quite confused too because, as you say, it seems to be a monthly allowance.
    I have just a basic shop, so just 200.
    It is the 'good till cancelled that confuses me, as they get 'relisted' by ebay each month, so does that count towards your allowance ?
    I also made a mistake by listing some in 2 categories and there are fees for that, and I have tried to edit and just delete the second category but it won't let me do that. The only way is to end the listing and start from scratch.

  • Yes, GTC counts. Having 1500 GTC listings, which is what I'm aiming for, means in a 31 day month I think I'd still have some additional listing fees.

    I think listing in 2 categories counts as 2 listings for the allowance, but I'm not sure on that. I need to test that with an auction listing to find out.

  • eBay is becoming really annoying.

    I listed two items this afternoon with BIN prices of £12.50 and £10.75 and lo and behold, they're both there with 'Best Offers' and 'Automatically Decline Offers Lower Than' £6 and £5 respectively.

    No, eBay! I did not list them like that! And another thing - I listed something by barcode a couple of weeks ago and it didn't get listed with my description - there was something else entirely, written by eBay, and not at all what I wanted. I've just had to go and revise them all. Why are they doing this? WHY, for pity's sake? Grr.

  • Barcode thing sounds like what happens with book ISBNs.
    Really annoying when I fill in item specifics and eBay decides to replace them with incorrect catalogue data.

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