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Dear All
after a couple of days attemtpting to sor this out on the original host, I had to transfer the data to a new hosting account at a different company. The original company were helpful, but unwilling to get involved in the Vanilla Forum software support. As it is 'Open Source', support is voluntary and instead of waiting for assistance, I moved it to another company, exported the data and imprted it here. I have not been able to check the data, but it should be fairly up to date, although I may not have transferred ALL the original forum. I.e. pictures and attachements, etc. may have gone missing. Unfrtunately I am not skilled enough to know how to get anything back that is missing.
I trust you will be satisfied with it as it stands, although I will eventually make chnge to themes, etc. to make it similar to the old system. However, I will not do that until you have all been able to login and use the forum as before.
After checking the old system, it looked as though the forum may have been hacked. there were a lot of Chinese characters in the database when I checked it out.
It will be a few days before everyone can see this forum, as it has changed IP addresses and nameservers. So if you have ways to contact people (quiz and facebook page), please let as many people know of its return. Safe sailing.



  • Well done.

  • Thanks for sorting it Shaun, looks all right to me.

  • Thanks from me too, felt a bit weird not having it. I still didn't get any more work done though.

  • Thanks for sorting it out Shaun. I already commented somewhere that I had found my way back but I am blowed if I can find wherever that thread is now.

  • The Forum's coming home! Thanks Shaun

  • Well done Shaun, you're a star !
    Like Jim, not having it didn't affect my productivity, but felt bereft !

  • Does this one cost money, Shaun? Do you need funds?

  • Ditto, was going to ask the same.

  • Well done Shaun, many thanks for all your hard work getting the forum back up and running. As the others have said, let us know if you need funds. Presumably you’ll be adding the Amazon link in due course.

  • Thanks, Shaun. It did feel odd without the Amazombies so it is good to be back.

  • Well it's a bit cheaper than the original host company so that was a win.

  • I'm getting this when trying to post in other threads:

    { "Code": 403, "Exception": "You need the Garden.Community.Manage permission to do that.", "Class": "Gdn_UserException" }

  • Working okay here.

  • It seems to be connected with using the Preview thing, but I've just successfully posted in 'where do we go' thread - to everyone's sure delight.
    Then somehow I was logged out automatically.

  • I got a similar error when trying to delete some rogue Drafts.
    I then had to sign in again.

  • Got several. I couldn't shift them on the old site either. Just have to wait until you have something else to say and overwrite them.

  • I've tweeked some permissions, but not sure if it assists.

  • Shaun you may want to delete the email addys!

  • Is this not for our eyes only ? - don't know, maybe not.
    All the above are people we need back, so maybe contacting them by email might be the way if they haven't realised there's been a problem.

  • For them, Jill, there still is a problem. They, or some of them, get a 501 (?) error when they try to get in. With the old site, of course, some folk never did get in.

  • edited July 2018

    Thanks Shaun.
    404 error, I have been getting it and am back in now. Did get absolutely tons done while it was off though.
    Amazing how much time is taken up by this forum.
    That isn't my email any more - btw - it is just the one I log in with as it was my email until orange closed it last year.

  • Welcome home Shaz.

  • I have been back since yesterday when Shaz said I should try and I have posted before.

    Thanks Shaun for all you hard work.

  • Are we all present and correct now ? - maybe we should have a roll call.

    Has George found us ?

  • pretty sure George has posted on the thread him and Russell share - not actually looked though

  • yes, George is here. Not Steve, I don't think, but he seldom posts anyway.

  • Soimehow I got stuck in a weird duplicate forum at which has all the old posts but none of the new ones.

  • Just a quick Hello, been getting error 404, last few days, but I'm back in now, well done Shaun, for your endeavours.

  • Welcome back Stephen!

  • Hello Stephen.

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