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  • Hi Shaun. Not sure if you can help, but several of us have tried to start a new discussion but are unable to do so.
    I have just tried to start one regarding this and cannot. :/

  • I've just tried to start a new discussion in the amazon thread and I'm getting an error.

  • It's been like that from the beginning.

  • Yes, I try and find an existing thread that is vaguely related.

  • There's no-one much here nowadays anyway :/

  • That's because there's too much talk about selling and not enough about politics, sex and religion :|

  • Isabella has all three, although mostly sex. Read and discuss.

  • I kept getting an error when I tried to open the site yesterday and the day before.

    Assuming others are seeing the same, it might help explain why there have been so few posts lately.

  • Yes, I was getting error messages.
    Another thing I've noticed - when someone does manage to start a new thread it's not highlighted in yellow like previously unseen posts are. That might explain why some threads have so few responses.

  • Yes, I often find the site 'down'. Gave up on it last night.

  • I got in no problems. What's up?

  • The outages are not a massive problem, I feel, but it would be nice to be able to reliably start new threads.

  • Yes of course. I don't know why you cannot sometimes. I have no problems doing it. I'll check permissions again.

  • I got in fine all day yesterday, so not a problem for us all.

    Thank you Shaun for all you do, the only blip I have had is not being able to start a new thread, but it seems you have sorted that, so thanks.
    Mind you, I am sure we must have a title that would fit most topics.

  • If you can find it.

  • I changed the permissions on general chat, ebay and amazon to also allow editing. You were ALL able to add a discussion anyway.
    Hope it works ok now.
    We just had a crash whicht he host company sorted. Another of the plugins causd it!
    I think I'll look around for new forum software. seems that deveklopers just leave for pastures new when open source software gets old.

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