Plastic food pots and trays are often unrecyclable, say councils.

I wondered about my mixed recycling system introduced about a year ago.
They say they take all plastic food trays, but I wonder how much treated water is wasted cleaning them.

I reckon any legislation could affect postal packaging.



  • There is a small item that I sell regularly under 100g. I used to wrap it around with card in the shape of a slim box and then put it in a plastic bag. Now I just use the card, taping the ends and put the paperwork inside the card. I do feel a little guilty about using plastic bags and new jiffy bags.
    In the past I have received free jiffy bags off Freecycle but it takes ages to pick labels off or cover them up. When I put a request on Freecycle a few months ago, the only people who replied lived miles away even though I had said local only.
    What do people do with their used jiffies?
    I must say I use a lot of cardboard now but it still has to have some kind of protection against the rain although not likely atm :)

  • I use exclusively corrugated cardboard but with a light plastic bag to protect the book. TBH I don't know if the bags can be or are recycled. Ours go in the ordinary rubbish. As I said in a post some months ago, we are all guilty of buggering up the environment, even if we don't set out to be. No-one can escape blame. You have to live in the world you find, and ours happens to be an unsustainable one. Bummer.

  • I get poly bags with the eBay shop coupon scheme. It says they're recyclable on them but I don't know anywhere that would take them.
    Their jiffies also say they're recyclable on them, again nowhere I know of can recycle them.
    I've run out of things to order from the scheme so end up getting boxes and just cut them up to use the cardboard.

    I still think it's a lot more responsible to incinerate rubbish rather then burying it and passing the problem on to later generations.
    There are several companies working on systems to turn plastic waste into hydrogen & aviation fuel.

  • Yes, with luck, technology will solve this eventually. It's eminently solvable, given the will. I still think melting the unusable stuff into blocks and stacking them in a desert somewhere has much to commend it. Until such times as it can be dealt with.

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    It is all the energy that gets used moving it around that annoys me. And manufacturers make it worse and worse :( Today I opened a new tube of toothpaste which had a little bit of foil over the end (under the cap) as usual. What was different this time was that when you removed the foil there was a layer of plastic underneath which didn't peel and needed to be cut off. Apart from the question of hygiene this produces a teeny tiny bit of plastic which, however careful I am when disposing of it, could end up any where. The foil bit I already dropped into a can to go to the scrapyard. I think the more people start to become aware of the problems caused by plastic, the more creative the plastic manufacturers become in their efforts to use it.

  • I don't suppose there's much they can do with the toothpaste tube either.
    Why are they in a cardboard box too?

  • I can remember my Nanna having toothpaste in a little tin. It was bright pink and tasted horrible. Looked like jewellers' rouge.

  • That's a good point about the toothpaste box. Loads of things come in boxes that needn't, when you think about it.

  • I can remember my Nanna having toothpaste in a little tin. It was bright pink and tasted horrible. Looked like jewellers' rouge.

    I had one to take into hospital with me in 1953 (eucryl?). I also had a new brown dressing gown that made me look like the seventh dwarf. I was still wearing it in my 20s. S'true.

  • That's an image I'm not going to forget in a hurry.
    Yes, Eucryl!

  • Of course, I took it off occasionally.

  • That's good to know. :s

  • Toothpaste tubes are in cardboard boxes to make them stackable on the shelves.

  • they don't need to be in boxes, in Lidl they come in display trays and don't have boxes.

  • But are the display trays plastic? Isn't card easier to recycle than plastic?

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    Also, toothpaste tubes used to be made of metal, not plastic.
    Supermarkets just don't care, do they? We still have swedes encased in thick plastic, why???
    They all need to get back to loose fruit and veg, with paper bags to put them in.

  • That is what I find worrying. If we had to send AN apple through the post, we may wrap it just the same ;)

  • Metal toothpaste tubes wouldn't have been recyclable either - I will look at the trays next time I go shopping Debbie - most of the display boxes in Lidl ARE card but I will check for you.

  • I think I'm going mad. I have lost a post I thought I made earlier. Perhaps it is on the wrong discussion or I only made a draft.
    Having worked in a supermarket, it was a pain condensing the half empty toothpastes/toothbrushes in plastic trays on the 'Health & Beauty' section.
    I will take a look in Aldi Shaz.

  • I quite enjoyed rationalising stock when I worked in a supermarket. Customers were always coming along and messing everything up again :)
    I keep losing posts too, it isn't just you. I think if the board has the hiccups the post you thought you wrote disappears.

  • I had a think about it this evening before watching 'Mamma Mia'. I remember now that I was trying to amend my post which I rarely do because I am unsure about how to do it. I was trying to delete an extra word that I had put in. I think I managed to delete the whole post though.

  • Rationalising is ok when you haven't got a manager breathing down your neck at 11pm (end of shift).

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    amend my post which I rarely do because I am unsure about how to do it.

    Hover the mouse pointer over top right-hand corner of your post (once posted) and a 'cogwheel' will appear. Click on that and click on 'edit'. Make you changes and post again. You won't see the changes unless you refresh the page (which foxed me for a while). Sometimes you won't even see your first post unless you refresh the page!

  • And sometimes when you edit something you get two copies of it. Trying to delete one copy seemed to delete both. Well that's what happened to me...

    I'm still miffed about the sign that appeared in the rubbish/recycling area of this block which said do not put plastic film in the recycling because it is not recyclable. Same applies to black plastic food trays. They must surely be recyclable just too expensive/complicated to deal with which rather defeats the object of the exercise. East Devon would not recycle cardboard for years because they couldn't get a cheap enough deal.

  • And sometimes when you edit something you get two copies of it. Trying to delete one copy seemed to delete both. Well that's what happened to me...>

    Now you say it, that is what happened to me.

  • I messed that up too. Trying to hurry because I've got to go out. Bye................

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    You got two copies, Rod, because you didn't refresh the page. When you do that you are left with the altered one. Sort of Schrodinger's post. Also a post can take 2-3 seconds to appear, which makes you think you've lost it.

  • It was easier in the old days when we just exported our plastic recycling and paid other countries to burn it on open fires.

    It's the same with electronic waste. We take our old DVD player to the recycling centre and put it in the appropriate skip.
    It is then exported to somewhere like Ghana where an 8 year old slave goes blind and has ulcerated skin from releasing the chemicals while extracting the copper.

  • I saw a program about that Jim.

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