Testing adding discussions


  • Members were on from 6.30am. Up to 24 members have been in today.

  • I have reset the basic software on the server to PHP7.2. Let me know if it stops working!

  • I just tried a test and it worked. First I've ever managed.

  • Excellent Barry! I also upgradd he forum software to the latest 2.6.1 just now.

  • Not really re. adding discussions, but a site techy question:
    Why does highlighting and clicking on the italic button or bold one not change my font ? - it just shows the ** or - icons.
    It used to work OK.

    Any advice please

  • I have the same problem

  • Oh good, well you know what I mean - glad just not me being thick.

  • Can't understand as it used to work fine.

  • I just realised there are loads of posts I haven't read because they are no longer being highlighted.
    They do have a slightly bolder font but that's very easy to miss.

    It seems it's only threads marked as 'announcements' that are highlighted when there are new/unread posts.

  • It's been like that for ages.

    Shorn, is there any way of making new threads more obvious?

  • Also, why do some thread titles have ANNOUNCEMENT in a box beneath, when I've already read the latest posts.

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