eBay shop monthly listing allowance counter broken?

The counter for my monthly listing allowance used so far seems to be wrong.

My GTC listings appear to be renewing OK & are visible, but only about half of them seem to be included in the total used so far in the Promotional Offers section.

Anyone else with a shop having this problem? I think it started happening last month.


  • Slightly off topic for heading, but looking for a bit of advice/info.
    Am heading to NZ in 10 days for 5 weeks and really don't want to pay my shop fees when I won't be getting any sales.
    Is it possible to cancel shop and then re-start once I am back ?
    I know I can turn on holiday settings with message, but I assume you still pay shop fee when doing that ?
    Will cancelling my shop cause any problems ?

  • I think you'd have to cancel & relist everything.
    You have to balance the cost against the ease of just clicking to open it again.

  • Hmm, not going to do that then.
    Just put it on a long holiday setting .

  • I did cancel my eBay shop once, intending to never come back, Amazon being a so much better and easier site, largely trouble-free. Remember those days? After a few months, by which time Amazon had gone swiftly downhill, never to recover, I just took up where I left off. But, yes, I had to re-list everything. Holiday settings much easier.

  • You can leave your listings on eBay available to buy with a message about a delay in processing, but it doesn't protect you from late delivery metrics.

  • Ok, I will simply set up holiday settings without the ability to buy - have done that before.
    No way am I going to re-list everything :#

  • Just had a £175 sale on the bay, so that will more than cover my shop fees whilst I am away - so good news !

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