Sweet Beet

Driving through the fens this week, I wondered what happens to the sugar beet after we leave the EU. I think it is cheaper to send it to Europe than convert it here. Hence most Beet factories have closed here. So what happens after Brexit day?


  • Nothing will change. It's not cheaper to export it for processing.

    **UK beet sugar production is highly efficient1, and is grown by 3,000 growers supplying about 8 million tonnes of crop annually. Sugar beet yields have been increased by 25% over the past ten years2 driven by joint industry targeted initiatives, and are continuing to increase at over 2% annually – higher than for most arable crops3. Britain’s sugar yields are comparable with the best performing global cane or beet industries and are higher than Brazil’s4.

    Domestically grown sugar beet is supplied to British Sugar, which extracts the sugar and converts it into a wide range of products5. British Sugar has a current installed sugar production capacity of about 1.5 million tonnes annually. It operates four advanced manufacturing plants in East Anglia and East Midlands.**

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