Happy New Year

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Hope everyone has a healthy, wealthy and happy 2019


  • And a Happy New Year to you Rashida.
    I hope you have lots of sales in 2019.

  • Happy New Year to all. X

  • Happy New Year everyone.

  • Happy new year to all.

  • Happy New Year to Everyone. X
  • Happy New Year to all xxxx

  • Best wishes to you all from me too.
    Must be getting old as, tbh, I really cannot be bothered with all this new year hype. :|

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    Me neither Jilly. Not since teens and twenties when parties were everything !

  • It's a bit full-on here.

  • Don't they lie in coffins and think of death or something?

  • I can't keep awake until midnight these days, try as I might.

  • I don't bother trying. :/

  • Happy New Year to everyone and I hope it’s a happy, healthy and financially successful year for us all.

    I was asleep at midnight but was rudely awoken by thirty or forty Romanians letting off hundrededs of fireworks in the street, and screaming as they ran up and down with lighted rockets, letting them off by hand!!! Happy days!

    Maybe 2019 will be the year I finally can get away from here. Here’s hoping.

  • How's the OH, Fran?

  • He’s a little better thanks Barry. He’s been moved to a side ward as someone needed the bed with all the breathing masks, machines etc. And he hasn’t had to wear the large mask for the last two nights as his levels are holding up so it’s looking better.

    Hope you had a good New Year and that this year is healthy, happy and profitable for you and yours.

  • Glad to hear that, Fran.

  • Happy New Year everyone (I almost missed the thread as it isn't highlighted).

  • Same here George,

    Thanks G, I’m waiting to hear what we can do to stop this happening again, or maybe you can’t?

  • I almost missed the thread as it isn't highlighted

    There is often one like that for me, but as someone else pointed out they come in bold blue as well.

  • Someone's year didn't start too well. Our nearest, semi-rural, crossroads was the scene of quite a nasty smash this lunchtime. Ambulance, car transporter (both vehicles a mess). Police going door to door looking for witnesses.

  • Oh dear, that’s sad. I hope they escaped unhurt.

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    I doubt unhurt. One driver's door was stove in and the other car just scrap forward of the dashboard. We were talking about this and boss asked what happens when an airbag deploys -- is it reusable? I didn't know so looked it up. They cost about £750 apparently, and are not reusable, so with the fitting, not to mention the repairs, many cars would be a write-off. Drive safely now >:)

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    _I almost missed the thread as it isn't highlighted

    There is often one like that for me, but as someone else pointed out they come in bold blue as well._

    That was moi. They're not highlighted until someone posts a response, just bold font.

    Back au topic :) A very happy 2019 to all

  • Thank you Rashida and a very Happy New Year to everyone from me

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