Sheffield meet

Nick, Mary and I, are meeting up on Tuesday, 29th January in Sheffield City for coffee (in Waterstones) and lunch. Anyone welcome.
We would be delighted to meet others who are free on that day.


  • I'll try to make it :) What time?

  • 12 midday. It will be nice to see you again Angela.

  • You too :)

  • That sounds good - I'll try and make it too Debbie.

  • That's great Shaz. We can decide where to lunch when we meet in Waterstones.

  • Got a doctor's appointment. Hope to see you in the spring though. X

  • That's a shame Marilyn. Let us know the Spring date.

  • We will have to discuss it nearer the time. Have a good day. X

  • Are you about on this day, Steve? It would be nice to see you.

  • If you are and see this message Steve, just turn up on the day.

  • Debbie - I've just sent you a message with my phone number and I've texted Steve and Mike Gower to let them know about Tuesday.
    TTFN :)

  • Angela, I've sent you a WhatsApp. Thanks for texting Steve and Mike.
  • Got it!
    Mike can't make it as he's filming in Leeds on Tuesday. Not heard from Steve yet...

  • Oh, that's a shame. It would have been nice to meet Mike.

  • Yes he's lovely. Next time, hopefully.

  • Steve doubts he can make it as he's busy clearing the house to get ready to move in 3 weeks.

  • I presume he managed to sell his books then.

  • Or is he taking them with him?

  • I don't know, Debbie. I'll give him a grilling!

  • Where's he moving to, do you know ?
    I seem to remember at one point he was thinking of Scotland ?

  • I've asked him to log on and give us an update ;)

  • Good, have missed him.

  • I'm not sure if I'll make it tomorrow. I've a streaming cold and sore throat since yesterday, which is getting worse. Too much burning the candle at both ends, I think, and I'm supposed to be out again today.

    I'll text you one way or the other tomorrow morning Debbie.

  • Sorry to hear you are unwell Angela. We were looking forward to seeing you. I hope you feel better soon. I'll wait to hear.

  • Thanks Debbie. I'll live!

  • I am not going to be able to make it either - my son starts a proper job next week and has come to stay for 3 days - he just arrived. Also the tax return still needs a bit of work :(

  • Oh dear, maybe next time Shaz.
    Best wishes to your son in his new job.

  • I've deteriorated :/ Been out since lunch and just got home absolutely streaming. I know I'm going to have to have a duvet day tomorrow. I was really looking forward to seeing you both and meeting Mary as well. Let's plan another one for March maybe?

  • That's a shame Angela, hope you feel better soon and we will definitely arrange something else soon. Mary

  • Thanks Mary, that'll be lovely. Have a great time x

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