Paypal problem

I don't know if anyone can help?
I placed an order with Wilko, using paypal, to be collected from their store. No problem. Arrived and I collected.
A couple of days after this order, I placed an order for some stamps off a company. They sent the stamps to Wilko who fortunately refused them. Hopefully, they are on their way back to the seller who knows about this.
I can't understand why this happened. Did I do something wrong or could it be a glitch on Paypal?
I have checked my address on Paypal and it is correct.
Paypal seem to make it impossible to contact them. When I try emailing them, the 'send' button doesn't work.
I tried joining their community but was denied access. :(


  • I've found a freephone number now so will call them tomorrow.

  • Thanks Jim. I will have to take a look. I have been out for the day buying stock, so will have to phone tomorrow.

  • I have spoken to Paypal. I do not fully understand but by confirming a delivery address at Wilko, I have somehow changed my main delivery address in my google history. I used Google to search for the Wilko site.
    My address on Paypal remains my home address. I will now have to check and double check in future that my delivery address on any orders is correct.
    Thought I had better let people know in case it happened to them.

  • Glad you sorted it out now Debbie

  • What a faff :/

  • Thanks Shaz. It is a pain because I have got to wait for 18 to 30 days for them to be returned by the Royal Mail to the seller and then they have to post them to me. Hoping that all will go well of course.

  • Will you be able to make Tuesday Shaz?

  • I think so - might book the train later

  • That's great Shaz.

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