Recorded delivery click and collect

Anyone know of it is ok to send an item by recorded delivery to a click and collect argos address. Ebay help topics not very helpful on this


  • I've done it successfully.

  • Thanks, Jim. I will give it a go then

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    I often do it. In fact, whenever anything has to go to Argos (and Paypal are still ignoring it)

  • Thanks, Barry, have done it. Only just enabled click and collect as most of my items are quite small. On a different topic have just sold my third item in about 6 months that I have already sold and Ebay have managed to relist. Drives me nuts!!

  • However do they manage to do that?

  • I don't know but it is so very frustrating. As sold items don't end up on the ended or unsold lists, I am sure it isn't me doing it inadvertently.

  • I thought it was only Amazon got up to those tricks. Quite disturbing. Have the Bay admitted liability? Sorry, silly question.

  • Silly boy .... Actually, I have also spotted a couple and ended them before anyone could buy them. Has nobody else had this happen??

  • Never on eBay, loads on Amazon.

    Do you use Turbolister?

  • I'm just revelling in being a silly boy. It may be the last time.

  • No, I don't use Turbolister, Jim. I just can't understand how I could have inadvertently relisted them myself as I relist from the unsold listings page and sold items shouldn't appear there by definition. These were not multiple items on one listing either.

  • How easy would it be to relist one twice from there?

  • Not easy at all, in fact if you do try to relist one that you have already relisted, you get a big Duplicate Listing, Breach of Ebay Rules notice pop up.

  • Gosh, only ever happened to me on Amazon, quite a few times over the years, but Ebay..... never.

  • _you get a big Duplicate Listing, _

    But once the original gets a bid/sells then the duplicate will go live. There was a glitch not so long ago where relisted stuff was creating duplicates - I had loads of them. So annoying.

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