Posting to Albania

Has anyone any recent experience of posting to Albania? It has been about 7 years since I sent something there and am just wondering if anyone has encountered any problems.


  • Sorry, I can't help with that but I'm replying to see if it will highlight this old thread...

  • Strange.
    This was one of about two dozen threads that hadn't been highlighted for me.
    Well, highlighted only by a slightly bolder font.

  • Same here, George. Just the thread title in a slightly bolder blue. No yellow indication that there are new replies.

  • edited March 10

    Yup, just bolder blue. I often miss 'em. Sorry, I thought you knew.

  • How queer! Now it IS highlighted in yellow.

  • No it ain't

  • Mine is.

  • Make another comment and I'll screenshot it for you.

  • Mine get highlighted when a 2nd post is added, it's only new threads that aren't highlighted for me.

  • Thanks Jim!
    There you are, Barry, new posts are yellow:

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