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I know I should probably ask this on ebay but I thought it would be more private on here.

I bought a low value item for a specific device. Seller sent the wrong one, a generic one if you will. I messaged him, he said I must not be using it right. I pointed out that there were plenty of images and videos of this item used with the specific device I had bought it for and they were clearly not some generic catch all item. The listing I bought from allowed me to choose exactly what device the item was going to be used on.

After no joy about getting what I had ordered I opened a return claim. Seller messaged me to say I would have to pay return shipping. I said I did not as what I got was not what I ordered. I have no been told over a couple of messages that I am wasting everyone's time and that no matter where I buy it from it will all be that same. That is obviously not true.

No return shipping label etc has been forthcoming. I am not expecting one. I think the seller will just be hoping I give up but despite the low value I don't appreciate be lied to about the return shipping or the claim that what I ordered does not exist.

When the ebay set time limit for me to expect the return label by expires what happens? Will a button appear on the relevant section of the order/return details that I can click to say I never got a return label? Or do I have to go through some other section?


  • Did you pay with paypal? Can you just open a claim now rather than mucking about?

  • I was just going to say the same thing. Stop faffing about! If a seller doesn't cooperate in the first instance you need to open a case of 'not as described' in the Resolution Centre.

  • It's too late to do not as described via ebay and in my paypal account there is an option I have never seen before:

  • So that's new. Guess I'll go down that route. There is no option in paypal atm for claiming not as described, I suppose because I already started a return. Only thing that bothers me about returning it via this method is the bit in the above image that says: follow the sellers instructions to return.

    Obviously he has gone silent.

  • Good Luck :s

  • That return shipping thing is more faff than it's worth. You have to upload proof of purchase, proof of price of return shipping, proof of postage, then they'll ask for it all again a few days later.

    Give eBay a ring and report the seller. I find them most helpful.

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    I find eBay really helpful if you speak them. I use ringback but can't find the page easily now.

  • Thanks!

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