• Can't see anything too scary in them, some international large letter a bit cheaper again but the mid-weight int parcels are up quite a bit, nearly 8% in some cases.

  • Royal Mail 'sorry' for rising stamp price above cap.

  • Damn..I was hoping there'd be a price drop for online parcels over £2 Kg but no, they still have an insane jump from £2.90 to £13.75

  • ?

    Online parcels are already £13.75 over 2 kilos

  • Oh I see what you mean!

  • Yes, from october 2017 until early last year they brought the prices for parcels up to 5Kg down to £8.79 for a few months. Still expensive but nowhere near as high as it is now (and previously).

  • Yes, I remember taking advantage of that offer. I'm back to using Collect+ or MyHermes for larger stuff.

  • I often see folk in front of me at the PO having it explained that a few extra grammes is costing them over a tenner.
    Even an up to 3kg band would help, I don't often see books above 3kg but get the odd 2.2kg sort of weight.

    The shop my PO is in would be a collection point for one of the parcel companies if it didn't have a PO in it, I assume there's something in the contract that means they're not allowed to.
    I've heard the people working in the PO saying they use the other services themselves when sending stuff.

  • "there's something in the contract that means they're not allowed to"

    Correct. Which is a shame. If I use another courier I have to drive to the next village, or have it collected if it's MyHermes. The Hermes chap is really good but he calls just after 8 in the morning when I'm often still in the land of nod.

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