Has anyone had any experience or dealings with BetterWorldBooks and using their bookseller service. I have between 50-100,000 books to dispose of so that my warehouse can be developed into flats.


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    Does that mean you are getting out of books altogether?

    I can't imaging BW pay much for bulk stock. Have you looked into Magpie or 'WeBuy' ?

    I hate the idea of feeding any of these vultures but if you have to dispose of a huge pile of middle-of-the-road stock there probably aren't many options.

  • Any local auctions for the more specialist stuff?
    Railway, local history etc. quickly sorted into boxes might make decent prices going by what happens up here. I gave up trying to buy lots & thought I might be better selling there. Might not make much of a dent but might fetch some reasonable money.

    Might be worth posting on the official Amazon boards, might be another seller willing to take them on. 50k+ only for the major sellers though. That sort of quantity rules most folk out.

    Any penny fodder might be difficult. There's a couple of charity booksales here that collect but not that sort of quantity. I got rid of about 1000 to one after a cull. (I think I accidentally bought some of them back at the sale).

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    george - I don't know you, unless you have changed your name from the old days. A lot of people on here know me quite well, I'm a seriously old hat at Amazon since 2004. I've not listed books on the site for about 8 years when I realised I had to diversify and my money mainly in toys or anything else I could buy to sell - Brexit vote actually killed my European sales toy sales overnight.. You need to look at BWB website to see what they offer and so far they are the best I can find, that's why I'm posting here, so if you have an realistic alternative, I'm all ears. I have friends who went down the big books model, it just wasn't for me, I will always be a one man band.

    Jim - where do I start - biker, rocker (kindred spirit) and Facebook friends for over 10 years. 50% of these books are boxed, unsorted and never been looked at. They were inherited when I bought the building and my old landlord was a serious book dealer on Abe. They have to dealt with en block, totally unmanageable
    unless you have a huge team.

    I also need to sell sell a lot of shelving...

    5 m

  • You haven't even checked those unsorted boxes for large old atlases?

  • I do wonder how much of that sort of stock just gets moved from dealer to dealer without ever being sorted out.
    I'd definitely have a quick look through just in case there's something you could retire on.

  • shaz, I do have about 3 big boxes of the family's atlases, but not old ones, they are all at the National Library of Scotland.
    jim, they are talking about giving me 10-15% of all sales, but they do all the work and pay the postage etc. On the volume I have, it should give me a small additional income and I'm not getting any younger either. The new flats and shop will be my main income.

  • Do they still do that sliding scale thing where they give less the longer they hold the stock?
    It does sound like a reasonable option. Better than having to pay someone to dispose of it.

  • I'm not sure, that's why I'm asking here, but I believe it is a straightforward payment. They are coming to see my setup next week, so I'll find out more then.

  • Keep us posted Chris - I am thinking of getting rid of my books too as I am fed up with not having a proper home (and other things sell better than books). If they still do the thing where you get less the longer they have them and they just take them over - that sounds like a good option rather than trying to sell them individually yourself. Even if they just offer to take the lot for 6p a book I think I would go for it (if I was in your situation). Moving them somewhere else would be a nightmare.

  • Good luck with it anyway. You've been around longer than I have, 2005.

  • I'm glad I never went down the big seller route, I always intend to keep it to a level that I could just shut up shop & get a local auction house to collect & flog it all cheap.

  • I also need to sell sell a lot of shelving...

    I actually need shelving now - but I think you are too far away for it to be practical

  • Hi Barry, I remember that name... I just got on with my life and diversified. I'm surprised that nobody here knows what they d or offer.

  • I contemplated that, but the truth is that I don't really like dealing. Never have. Am just doing what I always did: buying expensive online and selling expensiver. There would, however, be no difficulty in shifting my stock: presently 113 items.

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